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MIXER SRL belongs to the POLIN Group of companies. The company was founded in 1992 to specialize in the production of mixers for both artisan and industrial sectors for the production of bread, pizzas, biscuits, pastry products and leavened pastry products.

MIXER is an autonomous company, which nevertheless shares in all the experiences, technology and innovations of the POLIN Group.

MIXER propose:

  • more than 30 models among mixers, bowl lifter-dumpers and portioning hoppers.
  • a special line of machines for intensive and non-stop productions.
  • more than a hundred of possible combinations of mixers, lifter-dumpers, and accessories on catalogue among what find the perfect solution.




MIXER technicians can realize the personalizations on mixers in order to satisfy the particular customer’s requests.

The MIXER bowl lifter-dumpers can be easily adjusted to exhisting lines thanks to arrangement of special connections and to the possibility of choosing the discharge sides.

The innovative systems for modular and adaptable transfers permit to automatize kneading phases improving productivity and logistics organization.

By these means MIXER offer the customer a
TAILOR MADE service.