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(according with UE Regulation 2016/679)

MICHELAZZO PAOLO, CEO of company MIXER SRL, with headquarter in VIA DEL LAVORO, 25 – 36047 MONTEGALDA – VICENZA (hereafter referred to as “the Controller”), in accordance with art. 13 of UE Regulation n. 2016/679 (hereinafter the “GDPR”) (hereafter referred to as “Privacy Code”) informs that:

  1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile device when you visit a website (in this case Cookies do many different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improving the user experience. They can also help to ensure that adverts you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.

We use two broad categories of cookies:

First party cookies, are cookies set by the website you’re visiting.

Third party cookies are cookies set by a third party different from the website manager. The third party uses this website to install its own cookies.

  1. From an objective point of view, there are three major groups:

  • Technical cookies are those used exclusively with a view to carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network. This is strictly necessary to provide the user with a service requested. They are not used for further purposes and are usually installed directly by the data controller or the website manager. (art 122, par. 1, Legislative Decree 196/2003). Technical cookies are divided into:

    • Browsing or session cookies, for common website browsing (ex. Login or access to reserved areas)

    • Analytics cookies, used by the website in order to collect information on the numbers of visitors and the pattern of visitis to the website.

    • Functional cookies that allow the user browsing on the website according to the chosen criteria (ex language).

    • Analytics cookies can be equated to technical cookies insofar as they are used directly by the website manager to collect aggregate information on the number of visitors and the pattern of visits to the website. Analytics cookies are divided into:

      • First party analytics cookies (equated to technical cookies whose obligations are borne by the website manager also known as The Controller – see Privacy Policy)

      • Third party analytics cookies (equated to technical cookies within the limits foreseen by the Authority whose obligation are borne by the third party that uses the Website of the Controller)

  • Profiling cookies (both of First and Third Party) that collect user profiles and are used to send ads messages in line with the preferences shown by the user during navigation. User’s prior consent is necessary to install these cookies.

3. The types of cookies used on our website can be classified into one of the three catagories:

  1. Analysis and research: the cookies help us analyze our website performance. We use this information to improve your experience on our website.

  2. Advertising: the cookies show you most relevant ads messagges inside and outsite Furthermore they allow us seeing if an action has been taken in our website because of an ads message. This type of cookies allows us showing our ads message to those visitors who have browsed or have bought in our website.

  3. Functionality: if a visitor is registered to our website, it is possible to customize the experience and show the most relevant content according to his choices. fa uses third party cookies?

Yes, for marketing and analytics purposes. For further information on used cookies, see the list at the bottom of the page.

4. How to disable cookies?

The User can manage its preferences related to cookies directly from the browser by accepting them or controlling or rejecting them through the Settings of the browser. He can also prevent third party to install them. If you choose to reject cookies, you might not use all the functionalities of the website.

5. If the used browser is Google Chrome:

1) On your computer, open Chrome.

2) At the top right, click More     Settings.

3) Under “Privacy and Security”, click “Cookies and other site data”

4) Click “See all cookies and site data” > “Remove all”

5) Confirm by clicking “Clear all”.

For further information :

6. If the used browser is Mozilla Firefox:

1) On your computer, open Mozilla Firefox

2) Click the menu button   and select Options.

3) Select “Privacy & Security” panel and go to the “Cookies and Site Data” section

4) Click the “Manage Data…” button and the “Manage Cookies and Site Data” dialog will appear

5) To remove all cookies and storage date for the website, click “Remove All”

6) Click “Save Changes” and in the “Removing Cookies and Site Data” confirmation dialog click “OK”

For further information:

7. If the used browser is Internet Explorer:

1) On your computer, open Internet Explorer
2) Select the Tools button, point to Safety and then select “Delete browsing history”

3) Select the “Cookies and website date” check box and then select “Delete”

For further information:

8. If the used browser is Safari:

1) On your computer, open Safari

2) Choose Safari > Preferences > Privacy then do any of the following options: “Always block cookies” or “Remove stored cookies and data”

3) With the second option you can select one or more website and click on “Remove” or you can simply click on “Remove all”

For further information:

9. If the used browser is Opera:

1) On your computer, open Opera
2) Select “Settings” > “Preferences” > “Advanced” > “Privacy and Security” > “Site setting” > “Cookies and site date”

3) There are two options : “Clear cookies and site data when you quit Opera” or “Block third-party cookies”

For further information:

10. If the used browsed is IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch):

1) Select “Settings” > “Safari” > “Advanced” > “Website Data”

2) Tap “Remove all Website Data”
This option allows deleting all cookies without deleting the History.

To clear both Cookies and History:

1) Select “Settings” > “Safari”

2) Tap “Clear History and Website Data”

For further information :

11. How to disable third-party cookies:

Google services:


12. List of used cookies in our website

Here below there is the list of used cookies of this website. Third-party cookies shows the link to the Privacy Policy of the external supplier where it is possible to see a detailed description of each cookie and how it is used.

13. Technical cookies

cookies strictly related to the functioning of the service/website

cookies related to the savings of preferences and optimization (ex. Flash player cookies, cookies for saving items in the Shopping Cart or saving languages/currency)

analytics cookies if directly used by the website manager to collect information.

14. Profiling cookies

– Profiling cookies for ads of first or third party;
– Retargeting cookies;
– Social network cookies;
– Statistics cookies managed by third party.