capacità (lt)

  • 150
  • 280
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • muffin muffin
  • biscuit biscuit
  • creme creme
  • sponge sponge
  • cake cake
  • gluten free gluten free

technical data

Model MR 150 MR 280 MR 400 MR 600 MR 800
Bowl volumelt 130 250 400 600 800
Motors power 1st /2nd speedKw 6,6 12,0 30,5 47,5 50,0
Net weightkg 1300 2300 2900 4200 4350

I dati delle tabelle sono indicativi, la Mixer srl si riserva di modificarli senza preavviso.

standard features

• Planetary mixing machine.
• Kneading system with double tool and quick coupling scraper.
• S/S bridge structure & work chamber.
• Bowl on wheels with manual valve on the base.
• Programming via PLC and touch screen.
• Tool motor controlled by inverter for continuous variation of rotation speed.
• Machine supplied together with: components for pressurised operation with air filtration circuit – a bowl trolley – two optional working tools – a scraping device.

on request

• Double-walled bowl for hot or cold water circulation – manual quick coupling – safety valve max. pressure 0.5 bar max. temperature 45°C.
• Bowl thermal insulation.
• Automatic quick couplings for fluid circulation in interspaces (double-walled tanks).
• Automatic product discharge with automatic ball valve with pneumatic drive on bowl bottom.
• Additional tools.
• High pressure wash ring with motorized rotating heads.
• Temperature probe.
• Flanged circular inputs for introduction of raw materials into the mixing bell.
• Tools with independent speed.
• Mobile device to collect product under the tools (drip plate).
• Inspection port hole on bell with manually openable lid.
• System for bowl heating/cooling via circulation of steam or freezing water on the double wall.
• Valves for input of ingredients into bell.
• System for loading and weighing of solid/liquid materials.
• Inverter and PLC of different configuration or brand.

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