capacity (kg)

  • 180
  • 220
  • 280
  • 440
  • 540
  • 800
  • pane & baguettes pane & baguettes
  • buns & toast buns & toast
  • pizza pizza
  • pretzel pretzel

technical data

Model WKM.EVO 180 WKM.EVO 220 WKM.EVO 280 WKM.EVO 440 WKM.EVO 540 WKM.EVO 800
Bowl volumelt 310 310 420 660 800 1200
Tool turnsrpm 75/240 75/240 75/240 75/240 75/240 75/240
400/220V powerKw 20/24 22/26,5 27/32,5 38/46 41/49 65/78
Net weightkg 1800 1900 2200 2800 3100 5300

All data are to be considered as nominal, MIXER srl reserves the right to make any changes to the product and/or technical specifications without notice.

standard features

• Double-eight tool mixer with scraper for bowl wall.
• Painted steel structure, raised from the ground on 4 adjustable feet.
• Bowl and tools in stainless steel.
• Controlled by a 7’’ touch-screen panel.
• Automatic opening at the end of cycle (selectable option).
• Recipes carried out according to “time” parameter or “drawn current” parameter.
• Recipes detailed record.
• Two independent motors for tools and bowl.
• System to vary the speed of tools and bowl with an inverter drive (commands on the touch-screen panel of the machine – residual current switch type B necessary).
• Closed bowl lid (to prevent dust infiltration) made of stainless steel with blue polyethylene rim.
• Working area of mixer and electrical board with IP65 protection level (completely protected from powders and protected from water jets).
• Tools motion is given by an OIL FREE system via pulleys and V-belts. Bowl motion is given by a coupling between bowl & friction wheel – elastic & tilting – with belt speed reducer.
• Bowl drive wheel equipped with anti-skid, anti-condensation, anti-oily system, heat insulated.
• Bowl trolley on wheels.
• Hooking/releasing of bowl and lifting/lowering of head with hydraulic cylinders, controlled by related central unit.
• Electrical board on separated cabinet, installed on right side of the machine.

on request

• Machine, bowl trolley, protective cases & electrical board made of S/S.
• Central greasing system of main bearings (manual or automatic).
• Air conditioning system for electrical board.
• Control panel with 10’’ touch-screen panel.
• Connection with automatic dosing systems.
• Anti-crushing ring on bowl lid.
• Dough temperature probe installed inside the scraper.
• Dough cooling device via injection of cryogenic gas.
• Electrical board on left side or separated from the machine.
• Hopper on bowl lid for insertion of micro-ingredients.
• Nozzles on bowl lid for powders/liquids loading.
• Hole on bowl bottom to drain water.
• Bowl motion system with pinion installed on crown wheel.
• Special tools (customized).
• Bayonet connection for interchangeable tools.
• Additional tools.

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